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The Beauty and Her Adonises

The Beauty and Her Adonises
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A modern person named You You transmigrates into the world of cultivation, where women are born noble and hold a higher status than men. Among many women, heavenly maidens who can activate people’s spiritual roots and achieve immortality descend upon the world. You You becomes one of these rare heavenly maidens and takes on the responsibility of founding the Zhenyan Sect. She leads the entire sect as they fight monsters, level up, and embark on a path of growth, all the while seeking her significant other along the way. Female Seniors Are Persecuted by Beautiful Man Everyday / Nv Zun Meitian Du Zai Bei Meinan Pohai / Nǚ Zūn Měitiān Dū Zài Bèi Měinán Pòhài / 女尊每天都在被美男迫害