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The Empress Lipstick

The Empress Lipstick
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Read manhwa The Empress Lipstick Lee Jae-in, an ordinary high school student who dreams of becoming a makeup artist. I accidentally picked up a lipstick and got sucked into the mirror by the lipstick. When I opened my eyes, I was no longer Jae-in Lee, a high school student with a normal face. Everything has turned into perfect, sublime beauty, Princess Jane Richard D’Auterische of Loemendel. Furthermore, I’m married to the Crown Prince…! Relying on lipstick, it is the only key to return to the present life and find a way to live for yourself, Jaein didn’t come back, only his face came back! With the mysterious lipstick in hand and the makeup skills accumulated over the years, I am going through the hardships and adversities of the emperor’s life… Shows how makeup really holds its strengths and hides its weaknesses!