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The Grand Duke’s Beloved Granddaughter

The Grand Duke’s Beloved Granddaughter
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Read manga The Grand Duke’s Beloved Granddaughter Mirabel is a famed mercenary whose mother, Cornelia, had long suffered from the guilt of leaving her family, the Grand Dukedom of Citron behind. After Cornelia’s failed attempts to contact her family left her distressed and led to her death, Mirable seeked revenge, tracking down her grandfather, the Grand Duke Criton and the assumed cause of all her mother’s misery. After finding out that he too was betrayed, Mirabel meets an untimely death at the hands of the true culprit, only to wake up back when she was nine years old, with her mother still alive. Determined to stop her mother’s death, and seek revenge against the true villain, Maribel sets out to make things right. But her choice to meeti her grandfather makes her cross traces of her past, while she experiences a life she never knew before.