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The Handsome Male Lead Won’t Let Me Log Out

The Handsome Male Lead Won’t Let Me Log Out


The development of, a virtual reality game, is stopped after an unfortunate accident. Sun-ah can’t help but be sad and disappointed as the manager of the development team. She decides to log on to the game as a farewell… But she can’t customize her character? She can’t even log out?! She is forced into becoming the protagonist of the game, Chloe Marigold. What choice does she have? She just has to kill herself and reach the ‘dead ending’ in the game. Then, she’ll be free! However, due to interfering NPC characters, she always fails. She almost makes it out once… but she doesn’t. Now, there’s only one way to get out. She must beat the game. Marigold In A Box / 상자 속의 마리골드