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The Law Of Being Friends With A Male

The Law Of Being Friends With A Male


Read manhwa The Law Of Being Friends With A Male / 남사친의 법칙 Jay is a guy that wanted to talk with his friend about their secret crushes, When Jay was about to confess who he has a crush on, his friend Jiwoon, who’s crush is actually towards Jay, was hopefull that Jay was going to confess his feelings towards her. But she felt shocked when she learned that actually Jay’s crush was someone else, after that, Jay asked her about her crush, Jiwoon tried to avoid the question and gave him a vague description which caused a misunderstanding that his crush was actually towards Jay’s friend Seohyun. She and Jay are just good friends without anything romantic going on between them, The way Jay interacts with her is just in a friendly manner and tries to help her to get her “crush”….Let the romantic drama begin at school!