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The Male Lead’s Nephew Like Me So Much

The Male Lead’s Nephew Like Me So Much


남주의 조카가 나를 너무 좋아한다 One day, my life suddenly come to an end, but I reincarnated as a the female Villainess of a romantic novel who is obsessed with the male lead and dies in the original story for him. I decided to try to avoid that by leaving the capital and living peacefully on the countryside, however, my dad requested me to come back to the capital because there was a huge mess going on after it was reported that the royal heir whom everyone though died 7 years ago is actually alive…that kid also results to be the nephew of the male lead and he is looking for him!! I didn’t want to get involved with that but unfortunately on my way to the capital I stumble upon a poor kid that resulted to be the lost royal heir and that now is extremely attached to me. In the original story the female lead was supposed to find him so she could have the opportunity to meet the male lead, what will happen to my dreamed peaceful life now that the original flow of the story seems to be changing?!!