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The Male Leads Were Stolen by the Extra

The Male Leads Were Stolen by the Extra


A woman who has lost her male protagonists to an extra who did not appear in the original story… That’s me. Selonia fell into a coma on the way back from defeating the Demon King. After wandering through death for several months, she survived, but what? “I want you to divorce me. I want to hurry up to marry Grace.” “I want to make the knight’s oath unheard of.” “Give me back my heart. I’ll give it to Grace.” The fiancée who was the male lead, the paladin and the dragon who were the sub-male masters, and the fellows all turned away. These reckless bastards! There was a lot of cursing in the danjeon, but what can I do to stop it? I was trying to start a new life in a cool way. By the way… “Do you know me?” How is the dead demon king alive? “What, I don’t know… .” “No, you know me. tell me Who am I?” To make matters worse, the Demon King, who has no memory, sticks to my side and does not leave. Inevitably, I tried my best to prevent the return of the Demon King. “How can I always hold your hand?” Why is it not enough to spit out vulgar words? “Are you going to kill all those who left you? Just speak.” He’s even going to kill the male protagonists for me!