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The Marquis Is Only Kind to Her

The Marquis Is Only Kind to Her
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The Marquis Is Only Kind to Her “Who are you going to do it with today?” ‘I’m going to do it with the most handsome and sexiest man in the empire!’ Twenty-three-year-old Archin Avand is full of outrageous imaginations that are not ladylike at all. She had no intention of going home unscathed tonight. ‘There.’ ‘I want to do it with this man.’ … a hot kiss! “Would you like to kiss me?” Archin returns to reality after sharing a hot kiss with a man he met at a party that night. “If this happens, the family might really be ruined.” “I don’t know anything else, but I’m confident in ‘cutting’.” He disguised himself as a man and joined the rugged knights who even gave life allowances for poor families… . “Haven’t we met before?” The man I kissed for the first time was the sergeant of the Knights!