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The Mermaid I Loved

The Mermaid I Loved
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Read manhwa The Mermaid I Loved / 내가 사랑한 물고기 / The Fish I Loved / My Beloved Mermaid / My Beloved Fish At the age of 12, when he experienced his first difficulty in breathing, Kai realized he was a merman from that day onward. Despite avoiding love due to the emergence of scales at the touch of a woman’s hand, Kai lives a resilient life as a self-imposed loner and he chooses to never date while facing loneliness and sadness. Suddenly, a mysterious woman named Yana appears before him! Whenever Yana is around, Kai unintentionally loses his restraint and his body responds involuntarily. But what should he do? Even when it feels suffocating, he finds himself liking her…! A breathless romance unfolds between a man who transforms into a merman with just a touch of his fingertips and a woman who wants to touch his hand.