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The Millionaire Divorcee

The Millionaire Divorcee
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Even though I was destined to get married in this world overnight, I tried to adapt and live normally, but my trashy husband who thought cheating wasn’t enough, he also asked me for a divorce. I’m already tired of him, so I willingly divorced him and willing to collect alimony to then spend that money… I decided to sign a contract with a jewelry craftsman who was suffering from labor exploitation, and the business started to open one by one. Jewelry, perfume, clothing, cosmetics, distribution… Everything that I touch become a success, which made me a chaebol. I Got Divorced, but I’m a Conglomerate / I’m Divorce but I’m a chaebol / The Millionaire Divorcee / 虽然离婚了但变成了财阀 / 이혼당했지만 재벌입니다