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The Rebellion of the Cursed Lady

The Rebellion of the Cursed Lady
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Tina was born into the Valia family, a house renowned for their powerful command over magic, but when she fails to show any magical abilities, she is forced to live through daily taunts and abuse from her family. Then one day, Tina develops extremely rare dark magic powers. Unfortunately, dark magic is seen as a curse and those who wield it, abominations… Tina soon finds herself imprisoned in a shack deep in the forest. After a year of this solitary and cruel existence, Tina is barely clinging to life when a mysterious nobleman appears before her and rescues her from her prison. She awakes in the estate of the Duke of Lawliet, to find her saviour is none other than Reiner Lawliet, head of the family and wielder of Holy Magic. With the help of Reiner’s love, Tina’s wounded heart slowly begins to heal, but can she truly find happiness despite her curse?