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There Are Too Many Second Male Leads!

There Are Too Many Second Male Leads!


The life of Jeong Eunjae, a terminally-ill patient, has ended. She didn't have any regrets about her life, however… [Allotted time: One year! Fine the 'real male lead’ within the allotted time!] “” Ho-Hold on! Hold on a minute! What is this?! What on earth is this?! I thought I died, but when I opened my eyes, I found myself in a strange world. What was even more shocking was that I have a healthy body now. [If you can’t find ‘the real male lead’, you will die a year from now! It will be fun, right?] As I saw this message, I looked at the green text above their head. [Affection level: 0%] [The affection level of the men you haven't met before, will start at 0%. Of course, there is an exception!] [If you cannot raise the affection levels, prepare to be bombarded with missions!] Whoa, it's really happening. “” He…llo? For now, let's try to live. Among you men, who is the real male lead?