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To Have an Affair With Someone

To Have an Affair With Someone
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Read manhwa To Have an Affair With Someone / 맞바람을 핀다는 건 Scarlett, who grew up to be an obedient daughter all her life. She had gone to the capital to marry Duke Huntington on her father’s orders. But his fiancé already had a mistress, and Scarlett was only chosen as a cover to hide between the two. The day before the wedding, Scarlett heard her husband’s soothing words to her lover. “She is just a tool for pregnancy.” Scarlett, who finds out that her father sold her to her husband even though she knows all of this. the night before the wedding. Scarlett tore off her wedding dress and vows. “I believe that if I live as well as I am told, I will receive love in return. I will no longer be deceived by such lies.” In order to escape from her husband and find freedom, Scarlett begins lengthy preparations. I will fight tooth for tooth, and I will avenge my husband by using the men who approach me! But why are the men approaching… The handsome knight, the royal family who has the highest throne, and my husband’s best friend…?! Revenge and freedom, which is better?!