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To Those Who Long for My Destruction

To Those Who Long for My Destruction


From parents forcibly married, whose only shared passion is mutual disdain, a neglected child is born- Leoni. Yearning for affection as a child, Leoni loses her mother to illness, only for her father to auction her hand in marriage. Enduring three arranged marriages, Leoni faces further hardship when she is falsely accused of a capital offense, seemingly destined for a bitter end. “Those who orchestrated my misery… Every single one of them… shall pay…!” Perhaps by force of will, Leoni finds herself back in childhood, with memories intact—and her ire. Now, she must reclaim her life and seek long-awaited happiness. But first, there are debts of suffering to be paid. And Leoni is coming to collect. 원더스 작가님 – 나의 파멸을 바라는 그대들에게 / To Those Who Wish For My Destruction