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Trumping My Tragic Destiny

Trumping My Tragic Destiny
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Read manhwa Trumping My Tragic Destiny / The Female Lead’s Daughter After the Ending / I Am the Daughter of the Female Lead Who She Gave Birth to After the Bad Ending / The Heroine’s Daughter After the Ending / ヒロインの娘はバッドエンドを覆し たい / 배드엔딩 후 태어난 여주의 딸입니다 Our Protagonist was an avid gamer, obsessed with a fantasy game with multiple outcomes for its Female Lead. After meeting her untimely demise, she was reborn into the game as Remilian, the daughter of the Female Lead. Her extensive knowledge of the game was no longer any good, as she was born after the game’s worst ending had already occurred. Now stuck with a tragic story, unable to change anything following the “Bad Ending””, she is content with her small but happy life with her loving mother, the original Female Lead, even though they are imprisoned by the King, Remilian’s actual father. Following an attempt at escape, Remilian finds herself on the brink of dying again, but a last moment spell from her mother throws her back into the past. Waking up in a timeline before the game’s events have unfolded, Remilian now has all the knowledge she needs to make a choice: Will she change her mother’s tragic ending, even at the cost of never being born?