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Where Are You Looking, Manager?

Where Are You Looking, Manager?
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“You’re saying that I’m dead?” On the day of his road manager interview, Kim Injoon gets dragged into the afterlife due to a grim reaper’s mistake. While desperately running to avoid death, a faint ray of light appears and—BANG! “What the-? It was a dream? It’s too detailed to be one!” But after that day, he started seeing strange strings. Both black and white strings of fate! If these strings mean what I think they mean…! Then I can achieve my dream of being a top star with my very own hands! I feel like I’ve got the hang of how to use this! I’m going to pick a 100% success production and skip out on the 100% failed ones 어딜 봐요 매니저님 / Talent Agent and the Threads of Fate