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White Scandal

White Scandal
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Read manhwa White Scandal / 하얀 스캔들 Once a highly anticipated child actor, Ji Eun-Seol’s life took a sudden nosedive after getting blamed for her brother’s crime. Now living under the name Seol Eun-Seol, she is working as a road manager for a troublesome actor, because she couldn’t let go of her dreams of acting despite of her deep-seated wounds. While working as the manager, she is approached by Dan Yi-Hyeok, the central figure of the past incident. “The scandal involving the grandson and the girl who tried to murder him. In short, a cover-up scandal. I want you to play the opposing role.” “… If I accept this proposal, what will you give me? You clearly promised to be on my side.” “Money. I’ll give you 10 billion won.” Thus, begins the pretend relationship between Eun-Seol and Yi-Hyeok, approaching the buried secrets of the past as time goes on…