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Who kidnapped the empress?

Who kidnapped the empress?
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Read manhwa Who kidnapped the empress? / 황후를 훔친 이는 누구인가 / Who Stole The Empress “You don’t know how goosebumps I got when I saw you limp.” These injuries made her look so worn out…That’s why the emperor abandoned the queen in the snowy situation. In her hand was a sword stained with the blood of family and friends. *** Heavy snowfall. Rosellin, who had been abandoned in a dark world, was ready to accept death. Family, friends, ambition. There was no reason for her to continue living. She lay down with her cold body and watched the white snow dyed black. The painful cold quickly subsided. At that time, she thought that freezing to death wouldn’t be so bad. “The one who is cornered on the road to death but lies as if it will dominate all these snowfields” That man. “This life…If you insist on leaving, I’ll pick it up and take it away” The enemy general, Tamon Krasis. “You’re mine now, queen.” She was abandoned by them. But he stole her and took her away.