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You’ve Come to the Wrong House, Villain

You’ve Come to the Wrong House, Villain


As if being reincarnated in the slums wasn’t bad enough, I became the test subject of a cruel experiment in a crime-plagued city.One day, a man destroyed the research facility I was in, and upon recognizing him, I discovered I was in the world of a hopeless reverse harem novel.After I escaped from the research facility, I was living a normal life–until I moved in right next to the female lead’s house. I realized I’d become an extra from the novel, as well as the female lead’s neighbor!If everything goes according to plan, the female lead would save the villain, who fainted after being fatally injured, and would become the subject of his fanatical obsession.But why is the sub male lead villain here, unconscious in front of my house?Lakius Avalon was the king of the dark world, as well as the fearsome man I’d met at the research facility.I looked around quickly, then shoved his body with my foot.”You’ve come to the wrong house, villain.”