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Youngest Scion of the Mages

Youngest Scion of the Mages
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Youngest Scion of the Mages manhwa, Youngest Son of the Renowned Magic Clan It was a ridiculous piece of fiction, one that I’d be ashamed to call a novel. Yet, that was exactly what I was transmigrated into.Larsen Mayton.I became that supporting character, a wretched scoundrel who got purged at the age of 17.Now, as the writer and creator, I shall reshape the world of the character Larsen Mayton. A flimsy plotline and a garbage setting.A string of words too embarrassing to even call a novel.Yet I ended up inside the pages of that very same novel I wrote.And as Rasen Mayten no less, a bastard of a side character who gets murdered at the age of 17.As the writer and creator of this world, I will now recreate the world of the character Rasen Mayten’.Other